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Wynford Classics 0 Gauge


From the Wynford Classics web site :

We are a family run tinplate 0 gauge train manufacturer. We are currently manufacturing a Spinner, a Caledonian 123 and a LNWR Large Bloomer.

All Wynford Classic engines are hand made in the UK from fully soldered tin plate, and painted by hand.

Each Wynford Classic locomotive is "0" gauge 12 volt DC 3 rail electrically powered, Bassett Lowke compatible. Each locomotive comes fully tested and ready to run.

Each loco comes with a full money back guarantee for 12 months under normal wear and tear basis.

We also produce and sell spare parts and various scale figures.

Wynford Classics O Gauge 
LNWR Bloomer
Wynford Classics O Gauge 
Caledonian 123
Wynford Classics O Gauge 
Midland Spinner

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