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The Wolverine Supply and Manufacturing Company

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

The Wolverine company was established in Pittsburgh by Benjamin Bain in 1903 and initially manufactured tin household items, but it was with tinplate toys that their name was made. Famous for sand toys, particularly Sandy Andy, the company changed name to Wolverine Toy Company in 1962. The company was sold to Spang Industries in 1968, and production ceased two years later.

Perhaps not an obvious choice for toy trains, Wolverine did manufacture a line of tin litho cranes and marble loading toys which fit perfectly with 0 gauge tinplate toy trains. Watch this YouTube video for one of the very best operating accessories you will ever see :-)

Wolverine coal loader

Wolverine crane

Slightly different Wolverine crane

Wolverine sand crane

Wolverine post office

Catalog page, showing Wolverine toys

Catalog page, showing Wolverine toys

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