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Jack Broadhurst Merlin of Kendal
Harry D'Arcy Vulcan of Eastbourne/Kendal

(Kendal, Cumbria, United Kingdom)

First and foremost, my thanks to the Rev'd AC for his notes in various forums concerning the above gentlemen, who share a page, their stories being intertwined.

Harry D'Arcy of Vulcan was a builder of 0 gauge locos, both fine and coarse scale, two and three rail. His main outworker was Jack Broadhurst. Vulcan would build locos as either one off models to order as well as batches for 'off the shelf' sales. Harry D'Arcy originally traded for ten or more years from the mid 1960s as Vulcan of Kendal, later (1990s) trading as Vulcan of Eastbourne, his speciality being a range of standard 0-6-0 tank locos.

D'Arcy and Broadhurst built locos for Bonds, 1950s to 1970s, including the Bonzone tank locos, the J39s and B1s.

Vulcan of Kendal were known for GWR 2-6-2 tank locos, the 51xx and 61xx series.

Jack Broadhurst, having been a sub contractor for Harry D'Arcy, launched his own Merlin range, and was a past President of Kendal Model Railway Club.

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