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Tessted 0 Gauge

James Bedington, The Birmingham Model Engineering Co

(Birmingham, UK)

James Bedington, trading as The Birmingham Model Engineering Co and Tessted was a jobbing manufacturer for a large number of companies including Stevens Model Dockyard, Bassett-Lowke (one of the Bedington family sat on the BL Board) and Clyde Model Dockyard (which ordered by far the most impressive products in G III). In 1907 Tessted started selling their products under their own name; prior to this their anonimity was very useful to many and has resulted in all sorts of mis-attributions, most of which will never be rectified. Suffice to say that much British made product assumed to be Radiguet (locos) and/or Stevens (plant) actually originated in the Bedington works which was rebuilt specifically for the manufacture of toy steam locos and plant in 1892. We can assume a production span from at least 1892 - 1912, in Gauges I, II, III and IV along with various non-standard gauges.

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