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Karel Sebela 0 Gauge

(Brno, Czechoslovakia)

From the ever wonderful German site Alte Modellbahnen :

(Translation via Google)

Today I introduce you to another in this country quite unknown band plate manufacturer. Karel Sebela began in 1946 in Brno with the production of a sheet metal rail. His first train set consisted of a tank engine with a four-axis Tender 1B1 and matching four-axle express car. The model for the express train passenger cars were again the all-steel car of the CSD. On wagons a tank car, a gondola and a crane truck was produced. All of the cars were four axes. The vehicles were gege than those of other manufacturers shorter and narrower. It also two axle wagons were produced. The Kuplungen were inspired by the Märklin Fix Kuplung. Karel Sebela also worked with Jaroslav Liska.

Karel Sebela 8 wheeled open wagon (gondola)

Karel Sebela 8 wheeled Shell tank wagon

Karel Sebela 8 wheeled passenger coach

Karel Sebela 8 wheeled passenger coaches

Karel Sebela four wheeled diesel shunting or switching locomotive

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