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Jean Schoenner

(Nuremberg, Germany)

Jean Schoenner formed his company in 1875. The business was sold to Falk. While the official date of sale is listed as 1912, manufacture had ceased by 1906. Prior to this time, Schoenner produced steam engines for Falk as well as those sold under its own name.

Schoenner were taken over by Falk sometime before the Great War, about 1912. It is difficult to tell the products of the two apart, by this time both were focusing on rather unambitious stork-leg steam locos, fairly squat and long. All a long way from the British gauge III (Schoenner termed it 2b) and IV (Schoenner 3) locos they were making in the first years of the century, and the earlier high-stepping models made for the US market in the last quarter of the 19th. Schoenner were probably the first quantity maker to turn out true-to-type locos, starting with the gauge IV Prussian State Railway 4-4-0, which Bassett-Lowke marketed in 1900.

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