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Leon Rees and Co

(London, UK)

Thanks to the Train Collectors Society Yahoo group for the following information :

Leon Rees and Company was founded by Leon Rees, who had previously been employed by the toy and fancy goods importer Joseph Eisenmann and Co. Rees joined the company in 1900 when he moved from Germany to England and became Eisenmann's business partner and, later, son-in-law. Leon Rees and Co traded at 12 New Union Street, London EC2, and was, by 1919, acting as distribution agents of Bing toys in Britain and the Empire. Rees sold Bing products to Bassett-Lowke Ltd and to the retail trade in general, and also handled many other ranges of toys imported from France, Germany and Japan.

The death of Joseph Eisenmann in 1920 led to a division of the Eisenmann company, part of which continued to trade under its own name, distributing all sorts of toys, and known as the British importer of Lima model trains made in Italy from 1977 until 1983 when it ceded the franchise to Riko International.

Leon Rees inherited a share of the company, which he operated under his own name, and was also a partner in H G Stone and Co Ltd, which produced dolls and teddy bears sold under the Chiltern Toys name after 1924. Leon's son Frank continued to run the family business after Leon Rees retired (dying in 1963) until 1964 when both the Chiltern and Rees companies were taken over by the Dunbee-Combex group (which in 1967 became a subsidiary of Chad Valley). Frank Rees then founded his own company, Frank Rees & Co., which continued to sell toys for some time from offices at 8 Red Lion Street Parade, Bridge Street, Pinner, Middlesex, UK.

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