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QSI 0 Gauge

(QS Industries, Inc.)

Information concerning QSI, taken from their web site, extracted from a press release dated 14th August 2008 :

QSI (a.k.a. QS Industries, Inc.) has been in business since 1983. It is a general electronic design company that specializes in model train products, Bio-medical Instrumentation, and Integrated Circuits. QSI has supplied many model train companies with high-quality state-of-the-art sound and train control systems, including Ajin, American Hobby Distributors, Atlas, Austrains, Broadway Limited Imports, Canadian Hobby Craft, House of Duddy, Charles Ro, Eureka Trains, Intermountain Railroad Company, Korea Brass, Life-Like, Lionel, Mikes Train House, MKT, Red Caboose, Scale Tin Rail, SGL Lines, Sunset Models, Tenshodo, Third-Rail Trains, Tony’s Train Exchange, Walthers, Weaver Models and Williams Electric Trains.

QSI is a privately held corporation founded by Fred Severson and Pat Quinn, both of which are experienced IC design engineers. Our expertise in IC design resulted in our QUIC-51 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (A.S.I.C.) which is now used as the heart of our Quantum Sound Systems and sold throughout the world. QSI has been granted over 15 patents, U.S. and foreign, plus additional patents pending. Along with our Copyrights, Trade Secrets, licensing agreements, and proprietary Integrated Circuits, QSI has made significant investment in Intellectual Property (IP) that we defend vigorously. In addition, our IP protects out customers by ensuring that our products are unlikely to face legal challenges.

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