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Petersen Supply Co (Andy Petersen) 0 Gauge

(Portland, Oregon, USA)

Petersen Supply Co is a family business run by Andy and Julia Petersen who have been producing custom models in Portland since the late 1980s, and are now an 0-gauge model railroad dealer stocking Atlas-O, MTH (Mike's Train House), Weaver Models, Sunset 3rd Rail Models, Golden Gate Depot and their own Petersen Supply Custom-run models.

Some years ago, Andy Petersen imported cars from Europe (Roco or Rivarossi) and had the cars custom decorated by Crown Model Products Inc and Pleasant Valley Process Co. Seymour Knight of PVPCo, who also decorated cars for Frank Rash (Frank's Roundhouse), decorated cabooses for Andy Petersen.

Petersen custom decorated Weaver grain hopper car

Petersen custom decorated Weaver boxcar

Petersen gondola

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