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Peco 0 Gauge

(Beer, Seaton, Devon, UK)

Peco is a family business dating back to 1946, and perhaps best known world wide for their range of track and track components covering gauges from N to G.

Peco Catalogue
Peco Catalogue 1952
Peco Wagon Kit
Modern Peco brake van kit, 0 scale

Peco manufacture a range of 0 gauge wagon kits, and lineside accessories, including :

GWR Toad, 16ton Brake Van

GWR Permanent Way Brake Van

GWR 24ton Six Wheel Brake Van

GWR 10ton 4 plank Open Wagon

GWR 8ton Permanent Way Steel type Open Wagon

GWR 10ton Ventilated Box Van

BR 16ton Steel Mineral Wagon

BR 27ton Iron Ore Tippler Wagon

BR 20ton Pig Iron Wagon

Flexible Field Fencing

Field Gates

Tunnel Mouth & Walls. stone type, single track

Tunnel Mouth & Walls, stone type, double track

Road Bridge sides & Walls, stone type, single track

Road Bridge sides & Walls, stone type, double track

Milk Churns (cast while metal)

Porters Trolley & Luggage (cast white metal)

4 Wheel Platform Trolley (cast while metal)

Sweet Machine & Chocolate Machine (cast while metal)

Ticket,Weighing & Label Machines (cast white metal)

Passengers (cast white metal)

Workmen with Tools (cast while metal)