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MTK Modern Traction Kits 0 Gauge

(Slough, Berkshire, UK)

MTK was run by the late Colin Massingham from his shop at 33 Stoke Road, Slough, although his kits were created in his workshop at home in nearby Burnham. MTK offered a wide range of diesel and electric kits in gauges 00 and 0, although quality could be 'variable'. The 0 gauge range was marketed as El Crappo. Colin's shop also stocked a range of parts as well as a fairly substantial second hand department, always including an interesting selection of Hornby Dublo models. Colin and his wife Margaret were well known and always popular at various model railway exhibitions throughout the UK. Whilst MTK kits have received certain criticisms over the years, it should be remembered that, at the time these kits were issued, there was little else, if anything, on the market for anyone looking for an alternative to steam loco kits. Finally, Colin Massingham was one of the founders of the Diesel Traction Group, dedicated to saving diesel locomotives then (1970s) being withdrawn and scrapped by British Rail.

MTK Class 16 diesel loco kit

MTK Class 60 diesel loco kit

MTK Class 158 Super Sprinter 'El Crappo' kit

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