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Model Reproduction Company O Gauge

(Sheffield, United Kingdom)

The bogie well wagon illustrated below was offered for sale via eBay by an extremely well known and long term dealer who himself, in his younger days, built and supplied models to such as EAMES, Bonds and Charles Covey. An extract from the model description :

Welcome to this auction for a vintage finescale O Gauge GWR 45 Ton bogie well wagon.

This is a most interesting wagon, given its high level of detail & scale appearance yet it is of some age. The main side members are brass castings as are the bogies. The clue to its origins lay in the wheels which together with the use of brass casings & the general construction methods lead me to think this may well be the work of the MODEL REPRODUCTION COMPANY of SHEFFIELD (M.R.Co.) or HILL & Co. of Sheffield who were an offshoot of that firm.

The wagon has been rebuilt & refinished to a high standard in recent years, the cast iron wheels have been turned down to current finescale standards & are insulated for 2-Rail running. Could easily be refitted with coarse scale wheels for use on a vintage 3-rail lay-out. Overall length 14.5", weight 419 gms.

I am now convinced that this is a Model Reproduction Company vehicle as supplied through Bonds o' Euston Road. The couplings have the small oval draw plate with two rivet heads, a classic MRCo. feature. The illustration of this type of wagon in the Bonds catalogue of the period is pathetically small & quotes the overall lenght as 15.5" (?). I visited Mr Hill in Sheffield in the early 1980's, he show me a tub full of similar brass side member castings.

Model Reproduction Company cast brass bogie well wagon

Model Reproduction Company cast brass bogie well wagon

Model Reproduction Company cast brass bogie well wagon

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