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Mettoy 0 Gauge

1932 - 1984

(Northampton, UK)

The roots of Mettoy (Metal Toy) go back to a German firm, Tipp and Company, run for 21 years by Philip Ullmann, who employed South African born German, Arthur Katz. By the early 1930s, life in Germany was difficult for Herr Ullmann, due to the polital situation at that time. He emigrated to the UK, and formed Mettoy, where he was joined by former employee Arthur Katz.

Mettoy produced toy dolls, boats, aeroplanes, trains, Corgi toys and, in the early 1980s, Dragon computers. This site is concerned only with the toy trains manufactured by Mettoy. The illustrations have been split as shown below, such was the scope of production of Mettoy over fifty years.

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