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Merlin Locomotive Works

(Wales, UK)

Merlin Locomotive Works was founded by Tom Cooper in the early 1980s, initially using parts from the German Beck company. Merlin produced many locomotives, pioneering internal gas firing, radio control and even working whistles. The most notable engines are the freelance Mayflower 0-4-0 side tank, Major 0-6-0 and Monarch. The Major had exactly the same body as the Mayflower, but longer frames and boiler. The Major was announced by Tom Cooper in the Jan/Feb 1986 edition of Steamlines magazine. Merlin locos could be regauged 32 or 45mm.

Tom Cooper was also a publisher, publishing Steamlines which became Garden Railway News, and, post Merlin, set up Steamlines producing live steam locomotives.

Merlin Loco Works catalogue, 1989

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