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G F Menzies 0 Scale

(Silverton, Oregon, USA)

The first car illustrated below is G K Menzies/Athearn, and is a Southern Pacific boxcar in SP's LCL (Less than Car Load) Overnight Service livery, as used by SP from immediately after WWII until the early 1960s, at which point the box cars were replaced by the TOFC (Trailer on Flat Car) service. The kit is a combination of wooden and tin/metal parts, assembles with small nails and glue.

G F Menzies/Athearn Southern Pacific Overnight Service wooden box car kit

The second car illustrated is again G K Menzies/Atheard, an Illinois Central reefer which was the sixth and last of a series of 40 ft reefers issued in the 1960s.

G F Menzies/Athearn Illinois Central RR 40-foot ice-cooled, ventilated reefer kit

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