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Manoil Manufacturing Company

(New York, USA)

Manoil was a North American metal and plastic toy company that began toy production in 1935 or 1936, and ceased trading in 1959. The company was owned by two brothers, Maurice and Jack Manoil, who employed sculptor Walter Baetz to create their figures.

Known for their military figures (toy soldiers), Manoil also manufactured vehicles and civilian figures such as a hostess figure, a lineman complete with telephone pole, various farm and building figures, including those illustrated below. Manoil figures are approximately three inches tall, putting them midway between 0 and standard railway layout scales, but perfect for both, with a little toy train licence.

For illustrations of Manoil military figures, please refer to Deke's Collection. Watch the slide show.

Manoil no. 707 coupe

Manoil no. 710 tanker

Manoil wrecker, issued 1934/5

Manoil figures, seated

Manoil figures, seated

Manoil figures, with hod and square. Very Masonic :-)

Manoil figures, blacksmith with anvil and cobbler with last

Manoil figures, farmer with sythe

Manoil figures, porter with bags

Manoil figures, diner car attendant

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