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Lehnhardt 0 Gauge

Dr. sc. techn. Dieter Lehnhardt Maschinenbau GmbH

Lehnhardt GmbH is a medium-size enterprise with approximately 30 staff, and was formed in 1966. The firm was created by Fritz Lehnhardt, and taken over by his son Dr. Dieter Lehnhardt in 1987, and became GmbH (roughly translates as Limited Company, or Corporation) in 1991. The firm has been run by Dr. Dieter Lehnhardt's daughter, Mrs. Ute Lehnhardt Bochmann since 2003.

Lehnhardt GmbH produces various metal working products including domestic laundry equipment, tools for roofers and plumbers as well as a range of tinplate 0 gauge trams, or street cars, to the European scale of 1:45.

Lehnhardt 0 scale 1:45 tram

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