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Jayline 0 Gauge


Jayline are believed to have begun production in the early 1940s, ceasing around 1949. The firm was initially located in Philadelphia, before relocating to New Jersey. There are four known 0 scale tinplate railroad buildings, illustrated below, together with dolls houses in both tinplate and Masonite. (Masonite is a US brand of hardboard). The four railroad buildings were a station, signal tower, freight shed (depot) and smaller shed.

The suburban station measures 10 x 5 inches, by 4.5 inches tall, and has a bell inside. Do all stations have a bell?

The switch tower measures 4 x 3 inches, and is 7 inches tall. The tower includes red and green bulbs, although not all switch towers have the bulbs.

The freight shed or depot measures 4 x 2 inches, and is 3.5 inches tall.

The smaller shed measures 2 x 2 inches, and is 3 inches tall.

The box illustrated below identifies the Suburban Station as no. 201. What numbers and descriptions were allocated to the other three buildings?

The four Jayline railroad buildings.

The four Jayline railroad buildings.

The Jayline Suburban Station building, no. 201, with original box.

Another view of the Jayline Suburban Station building.

The Switch Tower, clearly showing the two bulbs, and three connection points.

Another Switch Tower, without punched holes for the two bulbs.

The larger shed, or possibly freight depot.

The smaller shed, complete with tool storage box attached.

Finally, my thanks to Ken for sending invaluable images of Jayline buildings.

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