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Husch Trains 0 Gauge

Horni Litvinov, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)

Litvinov, apart from being the home town of Eva Herzigová, was the home of Husch Trains, formed by Heller and Schiller in 1930. The first trains were produced as clockwork trains, later the company switched to 8 Volts and finally to 20 Volts electric. After the company moved to Prague in 1938 the jewish owners had to leave the country in 1939 and the company was shut down in 1940.

Husch produced 2-axle steam locos of different lengths. What is characteristic of these locos is that most of them had numbers on the side such as 203, 204, 2016, 310, and so on. These numbers were also found on the wagons and coaches in the sets. The company also produced steamlined locos, all with 2 axles.

In the early days (until around 1936) the passenger sets contained 4 wheel coaches, later the sets contained 8 wheel coaches. The freight wagons include a tank wagon (in yellow SHELL, in red without company), an open wagon (with and without brakeman's cab), a lumber wagon, a boxcar and a low side car, all 4 wheels. The company also produced a wide array of accessories. Generally the trains of Husch are quite rare, particularly those of the early 1930s.

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