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Heyde and Company


Heyde and Company were manufacturers of accessories for toy trains, particularly figures and luggage, and are perhaps best known to British enthusiasts for producing a set of 'personality' figures, commissioned by Bassett-Lowke. These figures included Chamberlain, David Lloyd George, Charlie Chaplin, George Bernard Shaw, Amy Johnson and one described as a Model Manufacturer, clearly based on W J Bassett Lowke himself. There is some ambiguity regarding the Chamberlain figure, but, given that the figures were produced around 1925, Neville Chamberlain seems most likely, his famous father Joseph having died some nine years earlier.

Heyde George Bernard Shaw figure, for Bassett Lowke

Heyde personality figures, for Bassett Lowke

Heyde figures, set 1764 from 1910. Each figure approx. 2 inches tall

The luggage illustrated below is described as Heyde for Bassett-Lowke painted Railway Freight Set from the 1940s, comprising 145/2 Steinmead Piano in crate, 5283 crate stamped B-L London, barrel stamped H, crate VSN NBG HBF (Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof) and package stamped VSN 475. These are a composition material, not cast metal.

Heyde luggage, for Bassett-Lowke

Heyde luggage, for Bassett-Lowke

The luggage illustrated below is described as Bassett Lowke Piano Crate set. The set consists of the Steinmead piano crate, 2 smaller crates, a tied bundle and a barrel. The crates and bundle are made of a composition material and painted. These items were first catalogues in 1931 and appeared in the early post war catalogues. The items are said to be made by the German firm of Heyde for Bassett Lowke.

Heyde luggage, for Bassett-Lowke

Heyde weighing machine

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