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Hehr 0 Gauge

C Blumhardt Cie


Hehr have been in business since 1850, and producing high quality Marklin replica models since 1976, concentrating on the top of the range locomotives and 40cm passenger cars. Hehr locomotives are traditional three rail, 20v operation.

A selection of Hehr models is illustrated below. For more information, and illustrations, please refer to Tinplate Times

Hehr Reichsbahn 4-6-2 tender locomotive fotografieranstrich gray

Hehr Reichsbahn 4-6-2 tender locomotive black

Hehr 2-8-2 tender locomotive

Hehr 4-6-2 tender locomotive, French PLM

Hehr 4-6-4 Stephenson tank locomotive

Hehr 2-8-2 Cock o the North tender locomotive in black

Hehr Krokodil

Hehr Swiss Ae 3/6 I overhead electric locomotive

Hehr four wheeled overhead electric Swiss 'gear train' (rack or cog) locomotive, with passenger coaches

Hehr Triebwagen or rail car, three car set

Hehr hopper wagon Talbot, with operating doors

Hehr flat car with trailer and Spedition container

Hehr flat car with trailer and (home made?) Marklin container

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