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GarGraves Trackage Corporation

(North Rose, NY, USA)

Three-rail flexible track with wooden ties was developed circa 1940 by Earle A. Gardner and Eldyn S. Graves. They were practically next-door neighbors on Dewey Avenue on the northwest side of Rochester NY. Gardner operated a Lionel authorized service station in his basement under the name "Gardner, the Train Doctor". After he passed away, his widow Lois continued to run the store for some years. Graves manufactured the track in his basement. Don Roder purchased the company in 1963 and GarGraves is now operated by two of his sons, Mike and Tom.

GarGraves now produce a vast array of track, with wooden or plastic ties (sleepers), together with switches (turnouts), in gauge 1, 0 gauge, S gauge, 00 gauge, steel rails, tinplate rails, sectional track and much more.

GarGraves 072 sectional track, three rail Phantom, with plastic ties

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