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ETR (Europe Train Retro) 0 Gauge


AS Trains were produced in Paris, France by Messrs Pierre Adenot and René Sennedot, from 1980 until 1990, AS being the initials of Messrs Adenot and Sennedot. Post 1990, a change of ownership resulted in the relaunch of AS as La Rotonde and a new company, ETR (Europe Train Retro). René Sennedot went on to found RVZero, again manufacturing French 0 gauge trains.

The full story of AS and subsequent issues is fully illustrated in the French language book AS une légende en images, published by La vie du Rail.

An excellent article by Bryant Booth appears in Tinplate Times online magazine.

ETR metal PO hydraulic water crane with chain, model ref. 040000, height 12cm

ETR SNCF X5800 Autorail

ETR SNCF X5800 Autorail, clearly showing both ETR and AS marks

ETR 4 wheeled covered van, Findus

ETR 4 wheeled covered van, Findus

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