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ERG E Rankine Gray

(Bournemouth, UK)

Well known author Pat Hammond writing in the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup (August 2001) says :

Alan Cliff wrote the history of E.R.Gray and it was published in Model Railway Enthusiast in July 1998. The book to which you refer (Cardboard Rolling Stock and How to Build It by E Rankine Gray), was first published in September 1944. This was also the date of the first rolling stock card kits. By 1948 some 26 wagons and 12 coaches were being advertised.

One of the earliest ranges of plastic kits was also launched by E.R.G. in 1949 under the name of Masterpiece OO Wagon Kits. These complete kits consisted of a cast chassis and wheels, either for two or three rail running and clear plastic sides, ends, floor and roof. Costing 3s 9d each, they proved to be very popular with modellers, as they required only painting or the addition of lithographs to finish the model.

E.R.G was later associated with both 726 and 691 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth.

I don't know when the ERG Precision card or the Masterpiece wagon kits were last made but when Grey retired he sold his stock to another retailer and unmade kits turn up quite often at swapmeets. Grey died about three years ago.

Pat Hammond

The whole thread concerning E Rankine Gray in the newsgroup uk.rec.models.rail is well worth reading, via Google Groups

ERG E Rankine Gray card wagon kits

ERG E Rankine Gray card wagon kits

ERG E Rankine Gray card kit, GWR 57' 1st 3rd coach, reference 110/P108

ERG E Rankine Gray card kit, modern juction signal

ERG E Rankine Gray card kit, SR 10T van

ERG E Rankine Gray card kit, LMS cattle truck

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