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Dyke & Ward

(London, UK)

Dyke & Ward were post war manufacturers of printed circuit boards and controllers, sold under their own name and also supplied to others, including Trix and Bassett-Lowke. The company ceased trading in 1961, and the manufacture of their products was taken over by Welkut Models Co.

Thanks to Chris Bush for two articles published in the TCS Train Collectors magazine, issues 28 and 29 (September and December 2013), where far more information is presented, together with many illustrations.

The Dyke & Ward P.C. Standard Power Unit, offering fixed 16v AC and 12v DC outputs, together with one variable 12v DC output

Box for the Dyke & Ward P.C. Standard Power Unit, illustrated above

Welkut Control Unit C2, designed to use 12-24v DC input

Box for the Welkut Control Unit C2, illustrated above

Welkut PC-R Mini, with two 12v DC outputs, designed for slot car racing

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