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Davis Electra 0 Gauge

(Sydney, Australia)

For more information, and illustrations, of Australian 0 gauge models, including live steam, please see the book Spring, Spark & Steam by Bruce Macdonald.

Information available from Bruce Macdonald’s 2005 book Spring, Spark and Steam: An Illustrated Guide to Australian Toy and Model Trains :

Electric locomotive mechanism, with six coupled wheels, made by Davis Electra, Sydney, in about 1948. Operating from small premises in the Sydney suburb of Maroubra, the firm Davis Electra manufactured a range of small electrical products, including transformer/controllers for model railways and, from 1948, locomotive mechanisms. The Davis Electra products were available for general sale through agents Richard Noble and Co, and supplied directly to toy and model manufacturers including Maurlyn and Robilt in Australia, and Donald Cranko in New Zealand.

Davis Electra six coupled mechanism, courtesy Bruce Macdonald

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