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Movie Models, Havelock North, New Zealand

Cranko was a New Zealand firm, producing steam toys from approximately 1946 until the mid 1950s. The range included stationary steam engines, road rollers, boats and locomotives. The first steam loco was a four wheeled tender engine in green livery, and was followed by four wagons, or freight cars, all using the same chassis as the four wheeled tender. The wagons were a tank wagon, open wagon, bolster wagon and flat wagon. Subsequent models included a cute little diesel shunter, a three car diesel multiple unit and an extremely impressive 2-6-0 'Mogul' tender loco.

For more information, and illustrations, of Australian 0 gauge models, including live steam, please see the book Spring, Spark & Steam by Bruce Macdonald.

For Australian and New Zealand live steam models on the web, including 0 gauge railway models, see Tony Muir's truly wonderful Australian Toy Steam site.

Colin Duthie's YouTube video features live steam by David Auld and Cranko, as well as Bing and Bowman.

My thanks to Colin Duthie in New Zealand, for the following photograph.

Cranko Mogul

Cranko live steam Mogul

The Cranko 2-6-0 tender loco was 0 gauge live steam, driven by two oscillating cylinders, powered by a methylated spirits burner. The loco was fitted with a three position regulator, offering forward, reverse and stop. The regulator was operated by the lever visible in front of the smoke box, and exhaust was via the chimney.

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