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Doug Cockerham


Doug Cockerham custom made brass reduction gear box and motor designed to be used with a high hood diesel locomotive model, such as the Red Caboose GP9. Can also be used with any RS11 model, or any second generation or newer locomotive model GP30, GP35, GP38, GP40, SD40, SD45, U23B, U30C, U33C, C420, C424, C425, C628, C630, etc. Does not fit RS1 or RS3 models from Weaver, or any of the many F Units, due to the overall height of the assembly. This custom made drive system consists of a large Pittman ball-bearing motor, large flywheel, custom machined ball-bearing reduction gear tower, and two drive shafts to be used in the center of the fuel tank area of a model diesel locomitve.

Doug Cockerham motor and gearbox unit

Doug Cockerham motor and gearbox unit

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