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Chester Industrial Arts

(Chester, New Jersey, USA)

Chester Industrial Arts advertised in a 1953 edition of Model Railroader magazine, They were offering extruded aluminium passenger cars, priced between 2 and 5 US dollars per car. The passenger cars were 17/64 scale for S, but are frequently used with 0 scale bogies (trucks).

The October 1950 issue of Model Railroader lists the following eight Pullman lightweight corrugatedbody types, in both 60 and 85 ft. versions, using 0.20 inch mirror finish aluminum.

1. Baggage-Dormitory-Chair
2. Express-Baggage
3. Mail car
4. Mail-Baggage
5. Roomette
6. Diner
7. Chair car
8. Observation-Lounge-Tavern.

Chester 54ft streamlined roomette passenger car kit

Chester 56ft streamlined express baggage car kit

Chester 58ft streamlined baggage mail car kit

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