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(Blackpool, United Kingdom)

Originally formed in the 1940s in Burnley, UK, Cherilea was a prolific producer of toy figures, first in lead than later, in plastic. The company was created by two gentlemen, Wilfred Cherington and James(?) Leaver, who combined their surnames to form Cherilea. Wilf Cherington was a former designer with both Crescent Toys and John Hill and Company (JoHillCo).

The range of products was substantial, with figures ranging from soldiers, cowboys and indians, animals, farms to sci-fi, Action Man and Dr Who. The company continued until 1978, at which time the tooling was sold.

The question arises, what did Cherile make that is of interest to toy train fans? The station signs illustrated below are fairly common, but what else was made? When? The station signs are metal, indicating early production at Burnley rather than Blackpool.

Cherilea Station Name Sign

Cherilea Station Name Sign

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