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(London, UK)

Not really an 0 gauge manufacturer as such, but one of those firms who manufactured metal items which invariably appear on 0 gauge layouts, even though many are rather large, and more appropriate for a gauge 1 display.

Such British manufacturers include Benbros, Britains, Budgie, Charbens, Cherilea, Crescent, F G Taylor, John Hill and Company (JoHillCo), Lone Star, Taylor & Barrett, Timpo and probably others.

The range of products produced by these firms is vast, some suited to layouts, some less so. Cowboys and indians, soldiers, civilian figures, farm and zoo figures and animals, various carts and road vehicles, petrol (gas) pumps, street furniture, fences, trees, haystacks, garden, zoo and farm equipment as well as railway personnel and platform equipment.

Charbens started business in the second half of the 1920s and was named after its two founders, brothers Charles and Ben Reid. The factory where they established themselves and stayed for 40 years was in Holloway, North London, in close proximity to Britains, Taylor and Barrett, John Hill and Co (Johillco) and The Crescent Toy Company.

Charbens travelling zoo set

Charbens Muir Hill dumper

Charbens Muir Hill dumper

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