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Russ Briggs Design

(Apison, Tennessee, USA)

The kit built car illustrated below is described as a brass O Scale Russ Briggs Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (South Shore Line) Pullman and Standard built motorized coach cars from the car series #16-39. The model is an assembled kit in the original box, and was manufactured as a kit without trucks. The quality is typical of Russ Briggs.

The assembly was done by John Pilling and is of good quality, although the grab irons are not installed. John corrected most of the mistakes that Russ made on the cars such as having blanked out stove room windows on both sides of the car!

These were the only brass models of these cars ever produced, although Max Gray imported models of the coaches #1-15 and combines #100-109.

Russ Briggs kit built Pullman car

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