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Borske strojiny

(Ceska Lipa, Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic)

Production of Bora trains commenced in 1946, in the town of Ceska Lipa, approximately 40 miles north of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Prior to WWII, the company, then known as Maschinenfabrik Bor, had plans to introduce a range of S gauge railways, but war deferred such plans until 1946 when a streamlined 4-6-2 clockwork tender loco was produced, together with a matching passenger car, the loco being inspired by the German Borsig design, as produced by Marklin, Zeuke and others. Bora quickly switched to 0 gauge electric production, utlising the same loco, tender and car, resulting in a 3/16th scale train, similar in size to American Flyer and Marx of the period. Bora dropped the loco's trailing truck (pony), resulting in a 4-6-0 loco, with a large hole in one side to accomodate the brush assembly.

The O gauge loco, tender and passenger cars are made of sheet metal (steel), with the loco shell being made of brass. Early S gauge and O gauge trains also had plastic or Bakelite tenders.  The metal tenders used with the O gauge trains have a sliding cover over the coal section originally intended to be used to store the clockwork key used with clockwork locos. An AC 16 volt motor powers the electric locomotive, which has a single coupling rod on the three wheels on each side, but no driving rod. The train runs on three rail O gauge track, but the center rail is flat, not rail shaped, which explains the shape of small pickup located on the underside of the locomotive. The loco will, however, run on conventional 3 rail O gauge wide radius track. Some of the trains were painted bright colors, but most of the later production was painted silver with some gold color around the lower edges. It is believed BORA made only the one locomotive, tender and passenger car, and sets that have been found that contain only one of each.  It is not known whether any of these components were sold separately. BORA ceased to build trains around 1950.

Forum Alte Modellbahnen contains additional information (in German) and illustrations.

Very special thanks to John C for notes, photographs and link regarding this little known manufacturer.

Bora 0 gauge 4-6-0 loco, tender and passenger car

Underside of Bora 0 gauge 4-6-0 loco, tender and passenger car

Bora 0 gauge 4-6-0 loco and tender (above) with Zeuke model, for comparison

Bora 0 gauge 4-6-0 loco and tender (above) with Zeuke model, for comparison

Bora 0 gauge tender, showing compartment for key storage in S gauge clockwork model

Bora set with additional brightly coloured passenger car, probably repainted

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