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(Hackney, London, UK)

Brimtoy began as BMTM (British Metal and Toy Manufacturers) in 1914, with a factory in Hackney, London. BMTM continued until 1921, when the company was liquidated. From the ashes of BMTM arose Brimtoy, in 1923, continuing until 1932 when Brimtoy merged with ( more accurately absorbed by) Wells.

Alfred or Alfie Wells launched his toy company in 1919, from the Progress Works in Walthamstow, London. The well known trademark Wells O' London was launched in 1924.

When Brimtoy was acquired by Wells in 1932, Wells was the dominant partner and the factories were merged in Walthamstow, around 1938. Following the absorbtion of Brimtoy by Wells, the company continued to use both the Wells and Brimtoys names, as well as Wells Brimtoy, and the newly intoduced Welso, which does not help with identification or dating today. Wells Brimtoy continued to operate from Walthamstow until 1965, then moving to Anglesey in Wales, finally closing some (?) years later.

Two early BMTM open wagons

Close up view of one of the BMTM open wagons above

Close up view of one of the BMTM open wagons above, showing the company name, BMTM Ld

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