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Bassett-Lowke (The Corgi, Hornby era) 0 Gauge


For a synopsis of the history of Bassett-Lowke, post 1965, please refer to the Wikipedia web site, from which the following paragraphs are extracted :

In 1966 the company was acquired by Messrs Riley and Derry. An effort was apparently made to revive the model railway business around 1969 by Ivan Rutherford Scott, Allen L. Levy and Roland H. Fuller [1]. In the late 1980s Nigel Turner, a Northampton businessman, bought the business and the company was based next to his business of Turner's Musical Merry-Go-Round, near Wootton, Northampton. In 1993 the name was revived with short-run white-metal models. These included a Burrell-type traction engine, Clayton Undertype steam wagon, Burrell-type steam roller, and a London B-type bus. The name was acquired in 1996 by Corgi, which linked it with live steam 0-gauge locomotives.

Hornby acquired Corgi in 2008 and, with Corgi, the Bassett-Lowke name.

[1] These gentleman wrote the introduction to a limited edition album called "Bassett-Lowke: A Commemorative Edition" (1969). (The volume commemorated the Flying Scotsman's tour of the US that year, a tour in which Bassett-Lowke participated.) In the introduction they state that the industrial model making business and the railway model making have been split with the former continuing as Bassett-Lowke Limited in Northampton and the latter as Bassett-Lowke (Rlys) Limited at 59 Cadogan Street, London sharing space with Steam Age. The book shows the products they intend to bring to market.

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