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StromBecKer O Scale

(Moline, Illinois, USA)

StrombecKer, or Becker, or Strombeck were Strombeck-Becker Manufacturing Co., of Moline, Illinois, makers of a huge range of wooden toys from the 1930s up until the 1950s, after which production switched to plastic. Whilst the company did not manufacture toy trains specifically for tinplate track, and perhaps should not really be within this site, the company did manufacture a range of wooden kits, to build 1/4 inch scale model railroads, including freight cars with instructions for fitting operating trucks. The company is perhaps most famous for the range of aircraft kits, but also made railroads mentioned above, ships, road vehicles and other toys.

There is a superb web site article by Steve Remington telling the story of Strombeck-Becker Manufacturing Co., where far more information is available, including numerous illustrations of railroad and other models.

David Tunison has been kind enough to provide a link to his amazing collection of StromBecKer wooden models, all of which look to be in excellent condition.

Set of four StromBecKer freight car kits.

Set of four StromBecKer freight car pre printed sides.

StromBecKer freight car kit assembly instructions.

Various StromBecKer railroad kit parts.

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