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Babbitt Railway Supply Co 0 Gauge

(Babbitt, Minnesota, USA)

The origins of Babbitt Railway Supply Co may be traced back to Gordon Varney, who introduced an 0 scale 4-6-0 locomotive just after WWII, and later sold the tooling to General Models Corporation. GMC expanded the range, which was subsequently purchased by All Nation in 1950. The original locomotive tooling was sold by All Nation to George Sennhauser of Babbitt, MN who launched Babbitt Railway Supply Co, and added a 4-8-2 locomotive to the range, which then comprised six models, 4-4-0, 4-4-2, 4-6-0, 4-6-2, 2-6-0 and 4-8-2. The six locos shared the same 70 inch drivers, and a range of three tenders. Babbitt Railway Supply Co later relocated to Mayfield, Kentucky, and was acquired by B.T.S. of West Virginia in June 2010.

Babbitt Railway Supply Co tender Kit

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