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ASM Manufactory


A few comments by the manufacturer :

The aging professionals: ASM Manufactory

Spectacular and extremely realistic aged vehicles and buildings are the specialty of the ASM manufactory. When looking at the product photos themselves enough a second and third glance, to say, because if it does not show the models illustrated the example 1:1.

The company has only recently become available on the market, specializing in the large gauges 0 and 1 The small company has aging and refinement of models on request. In addition, finished models will be offered.

All samples shown are all extremely convincing: Whether locomotive, freight car, or rail operations building, each model is authentically aged, provided the building with many small details. Rust, dust, weathering, faded color, every shade of use and decay are reproduced vividly.

The finished models are to have on Ebay. Considering the high level of detail of the building and completely convincing aging of structures and rolling stock, the works offered in spite of the elevated price almost be regarded as favorable.

The photos of aged models are so beautiful to see that they are safely shown in more detail. To convincing effect of the photos certainly contributes decisively that they were taken in daylight near a real railway.

The Company's website is only for a few days on the net, but there are already a lot of work to see examples.

ASM Manufactory

Lenz model weathered and aged by ASM

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