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Arco Model 0 Gauge

(United Kingdom)

This is an extract from the description of a coach which appeared on eBay UK :

Arco Model coach
Arco Model LMS full brake coach

For sale by auction is a lovely 0 gauge model coach; it is a representation of an LMS full brake, finished in a lined LMS maroon livery, lettered and numbered (on one side only) in gold (with black shading) serif style writing LMS 32456.

The model is of wood construction with a grey roof with rain strips and 8 ventilators. The coach ends are matt black and have flexible concertina connections, fixed buffers and hook couplings with one link which swivel from side to side. The underneath is all over matt black and has a small rectangular label affixed, marked ARCO MODEL BRITISH MADE. There are fairly crude wooden battery boxes and thin metal trusses screwed to the underneath; the bogies are fairly nicely cast and the wheelsets turn smoothly; I'm afraid I don't know enough about scale to say whether this is fine scale or coarse scale but you may be able to form a view bearing in mind this is possibly a 1930s model (or I suppose it could be from the 1950s although I have my doubts about how much commercially produced 0 gauge rolling stock was available even by the 1950s). I have owned this for many years.

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