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(Freeport, Illinois, USA)

Although Arcade dates back to 1868 as the Novelty Iron Works, Arcade Manufacturing Inc was not formed until 1885, initially making household products and introducing cast toys in the early 1900s.

Although Arcade are perhaps best known for their model road vehicles, they also produced an interesting range of road signs which are often used with 0 gauge toy trains, even though the signs are a little large, and probably best suited to Standard Gauge, or Wide Gauge.

Arcade Men Working Ahead sign

Arcade Don't Park Here sign

Arcade Stop sign

Arcade Road Bend sign

Arcade Railroad sign

Arcade US 30 sign

Arcade Police sign (front)

Arcade Police sign (front)

Arcade Stop/Go sign (white)

Arcade Stop/Go sign (white)

Arcade Stop/Go sign (green)

Five Arcade road signs (front)

Five Arcade road signs (rear)

Arcade Road Closed barrier

Arcade luggage trolley, height 5 inches

Arcade Ford coupe

Arcade farm wagon

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