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(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

American Flyer Trains were manufactured by the American Flyer Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois. The company began with clockwork (mechanical) trains, in Wide (Standard) Gauge and 0 Gauge. The company was bought, in the 1930s, by A C Gilbert of Erector Sets fame. A C Gilbert continued the 0 gauge line until WWII, after which American Flyer was relaunched in S Gauge, with two rail track. The company also offfered a range of H0 trains.

The American Flyer name was subsequently sold to Lionel, who continue to offer S Gauge trains, for two rail track.

American Flyer can be divided into three distinct eras, Pre War, Post War and Modern. Pre war, Flyer trains were 0 gauge and larger, whereas post war they were S gauge only. This site is concerned only with Pre War 0 gauge, although it should be noted that later 0 gauge trains were closer to S (3/16th) scale. Modern era American Flyer trains (made by Lionel), are S gauge.

My own knowledge of pre war 0 gauge Flyer merely scratches the surface of a vast and complex subject; I am indebted to my fellow TCA members, particularly those who, like me, enjoy the Toy Trains Mailing List. Finally, I acknowledge a huge debt to the authors of Greenberg's Guide to American Flyer 0 Gauge, first edition, published 1987, not to mention the many eBay sellers, many of whom are knowledgeable collectors, who provide photographs and descriptions of Flyer toy trains.

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