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Ace Trains.

Atlas 0.

Bachmann Branchlines (UK site). Includes Graham Farish and Liliput.

Bachmann Industries (North American site)

Brio (UK site)

Dapol (UK site)


Fleischmann (German site, with English language option)

Graham Farish (UK site)

Heljan (UK site)

Hornby (UK site)

Liliput (German site, with English language option)

Lionel Trains Inc. (North American site)

Marklin (North American site)

Marklin (German site)

Marx (North American site). Resting, or deceased?

Meccano (International site)

MTH (Mike's Train House)

Lima (Italian site, with English language option). Includes Rivarossi, Arnold and Joeff.

Ready Made Toys

Roco (North American site)

Trix (North American site)

Trix (German site)

Weaver Models (Ceased trading)

Williams Electric Trains

G and R Wrenn

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