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Die Cast Toys

Die Cast Toys in the context of this site refers mainly to road vehicles, civilian figures and accessories, with the emphasis being those scaled to suit 0 gauge toy trains. Scale is flexible, stretching from 1/32 to 1/60, or thereabouts. Ideal scale is 1/43. Die Cast Toys also include tinplate and pressed steel, and even some wooden items. The emphasis is Dinky Toys, particularly those manufactured at Binns Road, pre 1964. Many other manufacturers are listed, although limited to those producing up to the mid 60s, and some modern reproductions. This site does not include Corgi or Matchbox toys. The initial emphasis was toys made in the UK, although some from further afield are gradually being added. Sources are mainly eBay listings, and Vectis Auctions, to whom toy enthusiasts are indebted for their wonderful photography and knowledge of the subject. Special mention too, for the Index of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

The site does not intend to illustrate every variation of every model but rather to illustrate a representative sample of toys available up to the mid/late 1960s. The Dinky Toy pages are the most comprehensive but again, whilst the aim is to include the majority of the Dinky range, no attempt is made to illustrate every casting or livery change. Note that UK production of Dinky and other toys ceased during WWII, so a date range of, say, 1936-50 will exclude the war years, actual production ceasing 1939/40, and recommencing 1946/47.

British Dinky Toys

Buildings and Accessories Aircraft Cars, Road and Racing
Catalogues and Paper Commercial Vehicles Dioramas
Emergency Vehicles Ephemera Farm and Garden Vehicles
Figures Gift Sets Military Vehicles
Motorcycles Prototypes Public Service Vehicles
Kits Tyres Repros, Restos and Code 3s

French Dinky Toys

Aircraft Cars Catalogues
Commercial Vehicles Emergency Vehicles Accessories
Farm & Garden Vehicles Gift Sets Military Vehicles
Buses Camping Trains

Tri-ang Minic

Motor Cars Commercial Vehicles Emergency Vehicles
Military Vehicles Public Service Vehicles Agricultural Vehicles
Plastic Vehicles Wooden Buildings Presentation Sets
Paper, Publicity List of Models

Tri-ang Spot On

Motor Cars Commercial Vehicles Emergency Vehicles
Military Vehicles Public Service Scooters
Trailers Gift Sets New Zealand Issues

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (UK)

Arbur (UK) Arro (UK) Ash (UK)
Astra Pharos (UK) Authenticast (UK) Automec (UK)
A Barrett & Sons (UK) Benbros (UK) Betal (UK)
Bren L (UK) Brimtoy (UK) Britains (UK)
Budgie (UK) Bullock (UK) Burnett (UK)
Castoys (UK) Chad Valley (UK) Charbens (UK)
Cherilea (UK) Condon (UK) Corgi (UK)
Crescent (UK) DCMT (UK) Dibro (UK)
Dyson (UK) Empro (UK) Gaiety (UK)
Gilco (UK) Givjoy (UK) Goody Toys (UK)
IXL (UK) JoHillCo (UK) Jolly Roger (UK)
Kayron (UK) Kembo (UK) Kemlows (UK)
Kew (UK) Kumfy (UK) Lone Star (UK)
Lumar (UK) Mafwo (UK) Marx (UK)
Master Models (UK) Matchbox (UK) Matchbox Collection
Meccano Aero Constructor (UK) Meccano/Hornby Boats (UK) Meccano Car Constructor (UK)
Merlin (UK) Mettoy (UK) Moko (UK)
Morestone (UK) Paramount (UK) Pixyland (UK)
River Series (UK) Robin Hood (UK) Scammold (UK)
Skybirds (UK) Stoddart (UK) F G Taylor (FGT) (UK)
Taylor & Barrett (UK) Teddy Toys (UK) Timpo (UK)
Toby Toys (UK) Trophy (M&S) (UK) Wardie (UK)
Welso (UK) Wells Brimtoy (UK) Wilson (UK)

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Belgium)

Gasquy Sep-Toy

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Canada)


Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Denmark)

Tekno Wittrock

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (France)

Norev Solido Quiralu

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Germany)

Conrad Gama Gescha
Lehmann Marklin Schuco

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (India)

Nicky Toys

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Israel)


Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Italy)

De Agostini Edil Toys Mebetoys
Mercury Politoys

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Japan)


Other Contemporary Manufacturers (The Netherlands)

Lion Toys

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (New Zealand)

Fun Ho!

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (South Africa)


Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Spain)


Other Contemporary Manufacturers (Switzerland)

Editions Atlas

Other Contemporary Manufacturers (USA)

Authenticast Arcade Barclay
Dimestore Dreams Hubley Manoil
Pride Lines Renwal Tootsie Toy


Nicholas Martin Diecast
Benbros, Budgie, Kemlows, Morestone
Nick Jones
Dinky, Matchbox and far more
Robert Newson
THE reference for minor British die cast manufacturers
Michel Sordet
Comprehensive 'Dinky sized models' site
Old Classic Car
Dinky, Crescent and more
Brighton Toy and Model Museum
Vast collection to browse
Daniel Beck's
Model Car Collection
A searchable database of over 10,000 pages of diecast models

Approximate Scales and Sizes

100mm = 3.9 inches
110mm = 4.3 inches
120mm = 4.7 inches
130mm = 5.1 inches
140mm = 5.5 inches
150mm = 5.9 inches
160mm = 6.3 inches
170mm = 6.7 inches
180mm = 7.1 inches
190mm = 7.5 inches
200mm = 7.9 inches
210mm = 8.3 inches
2.5 inches = 64mm
3.0 inches = 76mm
3.5 inches = 89mm
4.0 inches = 102mm
5.0 inches = 127mm
6.0 inches = 152mm
8.0 inches = 203mm
12 inches = 305mm
13 inches = 330mm
14 inches = 356mm
15 inches = 381mm
18 inches = 457mm
Dinky 429 Trailer length = 2 3/4 inches (70mm)
Dinky 238 Jaguar D Type length = 3 7/16 inches (87mm)
Dinky 472 Austin Van length = 3 1/2 inches (89mm)
Dinky 175 Hillman Minx length = 3 9/16 inches (91mm)
Dinky 176 Austin A105 length = 4 inches (102mm)
Dinky 234 Ferrari Racing Car length 4 inches (102mm)
Dinky 250 Streamlined Fire Engine length 4 inches (102mm)
Dinky 428 Large Trailer length 4 1/4 inches (108mm)
Dinky 252 Bedford Refuse Wagon length 4 1/4 inches (108mm)
Dinky 440 Tanker length 4 3/8 inches (111mm)
Dinky 918 Guy Van length 5 1/4 inches (133mm)
Dinky 431 Guy Warrior length 5 1/4 inches (133mm)
Dinky 418 Leyland Comet length = 5 5/8 inches (143mm)
Dinky 923 Big Bedford length = 5 3/4 inches (146mm)
Dinky 991 AEC Tanker length = 6 inches (152mm)
Dinky 971 Coles Crane length = 6 3/8 inches (162mm)
Dinky 901 Foden length 7 3/8 inches (187mm)
Dinky 660 Mighty Antar length 13 1/4 inches (337mm)

Figures and Scales

Person 6 ft tall (72 inches, 183cm)
35mm figure = scale 1:52
40mm figure = scale 1:45
45mm figure = scale 1:40
50mm figure = scale 1:36
55mm figure = scale 1:33

Person 5.5 ft tall (66 inches, 168cm)
35mm figure = scale 1:48
40mm figure = scale 1:42
45mm figure = scale 1:37
50mm figure = scale 1:34
55mm figure = scale 1:31

Person 5 ft tall (60 inches, 152cm)
35mm figure = scale 1:43
40mm figure = scale 1:38
45mm figure = scale 1:33
50mm figure = scale 1:30
55mm figure = scale 1:27

25mm Dublo figures
60mm Crescent railway figures
60+mm Britains farm etc figures
35-40mm Dinky figures
35-40mm Hornby Series figures

1:22.5 G Scale trains
1:32 54mm figures
1:43 UK 0 Scale trains
1:43 Many modern die cast vehicles
1:48 US 0 Scale trains
1:60 US S Scale trains

1:60 Dungeons and Dragons figures
1:72 UK 00 gauge trains
1:82 European H0 scale trains
1:148 British N scale trains


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