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Welcome To the World of Classic 0 Gauge

Tinplate Toy Trains

The aim of this site is to provide a repository of information relating to the manufacturers of classic 0 gauge toy trains, over the last one hundred years or thereabouts.

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Please note that I am NOT a professional dealer or trader, and cannot supply either old or new toys or catalogues to order. Sorry. I do sometimes sell items via eBay or local toy/train shows when the collection needs thinning, but I don't keep stocks of any toys for sale - I am far too much of a hoarder for that!

Please note that I am not affiliated in any way with the manufacturers whose products are featured within this site. Many of the names, which refer to old toys, are still registered trade marks, or are subject to copyright. This site is purely for fun, and for me to share my love of old toys, particularly old toy trains.

Finally, who am I? My name is Graeme Eldred, I am an Englishman, living on Royal Deeside, North East Scotland. I was born in 1952, and have been using the Binns Road name since the 1960s, for portable (public display) and home layouts, and for more than twenty years on the WWW. I am aware that at least two other people used the same name during the 1970s; Bob Palmer in Norwich for his portable layout, and the late Peter Randall, of HRCA fame, for his sales stand. However, I am fairly sure that I have been using the Binns Road name continuously for longer than anyone else. The Binns Road web site first appeared Christmas 1998.

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